Hello people, welcome to Cosmic Escapes your destination to uncover the mysteries of the cosmos and understand the nature of space and time. The honest goal of this blog is to convey an understanding of our universe in a way that is simple, honest and free of hype. We will talk about all the elements of our universe like black holes, space-time, wormholes, galaxies, stars and many more.

Cosmic Escapes is my dream blog. I started this blog on 14 June 2018 to share my knowledge on the Cosmos. I love physics from my heart and always dreamt of being a scientist from my childhood. I got inclined towards stars and planets after I got my hands on this book called “Encyclopedia of Space and Our Moving Earth” which I received as my 7th birthday present. Since then I was fascinated by everything that was written down in that book regarding our universe. I never knew that there existed so much more than there is on our planet earth. The pictures of the stars, planets, nebula, galaxies excited me a lot. Since then I have always continued to grow my knowledge about the cosmos.

I have always tried and wanted to stand out. Probably the fear of not knowing enough and the remaining average have always pushed me beyond my limits to achieve more than I am capable of. I have always had to count on hard work for every small or big thing I have ever done. The lives of all the great scientists and artists have inspired me a lot. Through their hard work, they have made it simple for us to understand nature and how it behaves. I wish to devote my life to the same. There are so many things left for us to know. We have barely scratched the surface of the ever-expanding Cosmos.

So to all my readers, I would really appreciate if you all could spend some time of your busy life to read my blogs and leave your honest opinions down in the comments. It’s just an initiative to engage more and more people towards the cosmos. I would love to discuss the topics with you all openly here in this platform of ours. Any sort of constructive criticism is welcome.


I am Mayukh Bagchi, final year undergraduate student of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at SRM University, Kattankulathur, Chennai. I completed my primary and secondary schooling from Kolkata, India and passed my secondary high school from CBSE board. Then I moved to Chennai for my college. Due to situations than I just couldn’t go for BSc in Physics but went on to take Engineering. However, I have stopped regretting. Engineering since the past two years has taught me a lot. Engineering is not just a degree it’s definitely much more than that. It’s a way of life. I have learnt to take responsibilities, hold positions, stay independently, do all my chores and stay motivated. I have always wanted to venture out in the unknown and coming to Chennai for my college was the first step. I wish to travel abroad to further continue my studies again, and that requires building your self. I have worked hard for academics yet maintaining all the other activities of college as because if realized that only studies will take you nowhere if you don’t know how to apply the same in the real life.

I have taught myself all the basics of electronics and have to build many micro-controller based projects. I also was a part of a team which makes Solar Electric Cars as an alternative to conventional petrol and diesel cars. Our solar car has participated in two national-level competitions and has done really great in that.

I wish to pursue my Masters in physics and go ahead to with astrophysics. Yes, it’s a bit of a challenge shifting from mainstream engineering to pure Physics. But I’m sure it’s going to be a great journey ahead.

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